Let us help you to communicate.

Your computer network is the main communication line throughout your company, so it is essential that the network infrastructure we install is optimized in both performance and reliability.

In addition to outstanding technical support, HAGE supply the necessary hardware for your network. We can choose and install the right hardware for the job (from a network card to cluster servers) and can pass on the benefits of our partnerships with major manufacturers like DELL and Microsoft to name just a few.

If you have already purchased the hardware, then we will be happy to install and configure this for you, offering you a competitive after sales support package tailored to suite your business and pocket.

If you are running a small or large business communication is always needed.

Networking your computers in the office can provide many advantages to your company:

  • Fast transfer of files between computers

  • Automatic efficient backup of the company data

  • Internet access to all clients simultaneously as required

  • Office-to-office communication

  • Free telephone calls between offices!

  • Program sharing between clients from one set of data

  • Enhanced central network security to all servers and clients

  • Client remote login - access your company data to work from home

We can supply, install and maintain these systems. If you are not sure and need some advice then give us a call or drop us a line on the contact us page for help

 Why should you consider using a server and network in your office?

  1. Create a central and secure place to store business-critical data.
  2. Guard against data loss.
  3. Ensure network security, thoroughly and easily.
  4. Keep your business up and running.
  5. Access information from anywhere, anytime and any device.
  6. Improve team performance through enhanced callaboration.
  7. Increase sales and reduce costs by analysing and managing your business with line of business applications.
  8. Reach more customers and serve them better, all day, every day.
  9. Get up and running quickly & easily.
  10. Get a platform that is easy to grow with, today and tomorrow.

Many offices are set in old buildings where wiring through the building is not always practical, so Hage can offer you the option to go wireless, this will enable you to do all the above without the wiring, providing you with a SECURE wireless communication network.

Either wired or wireless why not give our networking team a ring to arrange a FREE visit to your company to work with you in providing the best for you!

We are increasing our product range continually so please contact us for the latest offers.