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What is Virtualisation?

Today's conventional computer hardware was designed to run a single operating system and a single application, leaving most servers vastly underutilised. Virtualisation eliminates the one application per server model and allows your business to unleash available capacity from physical assets. Rather than locking the various layers together — the operating system (OS) to the hardware, the application to the OS and the user interface to the local machine — virtualisation allows multiple, independent operating systems and applications to run 'virtually' on a single server, making the most of each physical server's capacity.  

Benefits of Virtualisation

Manage all your resources — from data centre hardware and software to time and people — in an efficient, open and affordable way. •Run multiple applications and operating systems independently on a single server •Move workloads easily from one virtual workspace to another •Configure and deploy new servers in a few minutes instead of hours •Reduce equipment and maximise server resources •Lower data centre costs significantly with power and labour savings  

A Single Point of Contact

With Hage you get a single source for hardware, software, services and support. We can help guide you through a successful implementation of virtualisation technology by offering jointly engineered solutions based on Dell's hardware and virtualisation management technologies, and industry-leading virtualisation software providers.