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Ready To Leverage the Power of Exchange

Dell and Microsoft® Exchange 2016 or Office 365 together offer customers increased user productivity, energy- and space-efficient infrastructure, and more high-availability (HA) and disaster-recovery (DR) features, offering better total cost of ownership (TCO) than the previous versions of Exchange running on legacy hardware.

There are thousands of ways to configure Exchange 2016. Dell simplifies deployment for organisations by providing basic architecture models that can result in greater productivity, infrastructure efficiency and lower TCO.

Business Needs

•Lower cost, more reliable messaging (email and voicemail) solution, especially if you’re running expensive and proprietary voicemail applications

•Mailboxes too small for your business needs

•Access to messaging resources by remote/mobile users

•Safeguards for sensitive communication, company and customer privacy, and lower overall risk of information leaks

Dell Solution

Dell has developed a simplified approach to Exchange 2016 design by optimising architecture for small and medium businesses. This approach features:

•Enhanced universal inbox experience, providing your users access from a single location

•Easier collaboration through calendar sharing internally and externally

•New productivity features, helping users organise and prioritise communications more easily

•Support for 50GB mailboxes

•Connectivity during mailbox migrations and infrastructure updates


•Mobility, flexible access and integrated communications

•Native compliance features and safeguarding sensitive information

•Native and robust high-availability and disaster-recovery features

•Inbox management

•Replacement of legacy and expensive voice systems

•Lower administration and help desk costs